Have a Garage Floor you can be proud of

Our Polyaspartic / Polyeura is one of the most technologically advanced garage floor coatings available without ever worrying about fading or discoloration.

Express yourself with our high-performance garage flooring system. Similar to the appearance of granite, your home and garage will be the envy of the neighborhood.

Garage Floor Coating Features

  • Drive on in 24 hours
  • Fast cure – hours instead of days
  • Chemical, impact and abrasion resistant
  • NO peeIing, yellowing, or hot tire pickup
  • Installed in any temperature
  • High abrasion, impact, and wear resistance


Garage Floor Coating Details

Masterpiece of Tampa Bay specializes in the installation of high-performance Polyaspartic Polyurea floor coatings systems. Polyaspartic Polyurea floor coating, we refer to as Liquid Granite floor coating, is one of the most advanced garage floor coating applications in the industry.

The liquid granite garage floor coating forms a strong bond with the concrete.

Our Liquid Granite Garage Floor application cures fast within hours, not days. You may walk on your new garage floor installation, approximately four hours after the final coating has been applied, and drive on your new and beautiful garage floor, after only 24 hours.

Resistant to oils, gasoline, paints and other items commonly found in garage environments, your liquid granite garage floor is very easy to keep clean and literally maintenance free. Professionally installed liquid granite garage floors have a high abrasion, impact, and wear resistance, and unlike traditional epoxy floor coatings, there is NO peeling, NO yellowing, and NO hot tire pickup.

Spending a little on your garage increase the value of your home! We have installed our cabinets and floor coating for many home owners that need a quick solution to sell their home!

Garage Floor Coating Layers



Garage Floor Coating Options

Express yourself and your style with your choice of color to give your new garage floor the granite-like appearance and finish.

Garage Floor Finishes

All New Metallic Garage Floor Colors

New Mica Liquid Granite Garage Floor Colors

Garage Flooring Process

Heres How We Do It:

Garage Floor Grinding

Step 1: Grinding

Grinding: All concrete areas are diamond grinded to expose fresh, clean concrete silica and ensuring a good bond between the epoxy and the concrete substrate. Any cracks or uneven surfaces are grinded on edge to chase out the cracks and allow for patching to go down with good adhesion.

Garage Floor Patching

Step 2: Patching

Cracks, divots and holes are patched using the highest quality polymer-modified patching compound and grinded smooth.

Garage Floor Base Coat

Step 3: Base Coat Application

Base coat is applied and flakes are broadcasted onto and into the floor, in access, to ensure even and consistent coverage. This is known as a full broadcast system.

Garage Floor Scraping

Step 4: Scraping

The floor is scraped and brushed smooth to remove excess flake before the top-coat is applied. All of the un-stuck vinyl chip previously broadcast onto the floor will now be removed and discarded.

Garage Floor Cure Time

Step 5: Cure Time

In most instances you can walk on the floor after 4 hours and drive on the floor after 24 hours. Depending on the temperature outside, barometer and humidity this time may vary.

Environmental Concerns

At Masterpiece Garage of Tampa Bay, we are doing our part to ensure our products do not contribute to the Tampa Bay ground level ozone or particulate matter in the atmosphere. The products we use with our Liquid Granite garage floor installations are polyaspartic products that comply with the latest regulation requirements.

Garage Floor Coating Warranty Information

Our garage floor coating has a lifetime warranty against any lifting or peeling of the product under normal use and conditions.

Masterpiece Garage of Tampa Bay – Service Areas

Our Garage Floor Transformations are available throughout Tampa Bay, St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Valrico, and the surrounding areas.